Call for articles for the XIVth issue

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are honored to cordially invite researchers and PhD students to submit articles to the fourteenth issue of the scientific journal “Humanistic Scripts”, published by the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Silesia in Katowice.

“Humanistic Scripts”, are placed on the list “B” of scientific journals of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland. For each article published in the “Humanistic Scripts”, the authors receive 5 points for their scientific achievements.

The leading subject of the XIVth issue, which the research problems should be profile is “Identity. Between unity and distinctiveness.” The area of interest of the periodical are considerations concerning fields such as philosophy, history, political science and sociology and related sciences.

In particular we kindly ask you to position topics of articles within the following range of issues:

  • Self identity;
  • Real, imaginary, virtual and creative identities;
  • Collective, social and group identities;
  • Civilization, state and national identities;
  • Class, caste, tribal, clan, ethnic and national identities;
  • Territorial, spatial, regional, municipal and local identities;
  • Occupational and corporate identities;
  • Culture identity;
  • Gender and sexual identity;
  • Religious identity;
  • The evolution of identity through the ages;
  • The evolution of identity throughout life.

The proposals of articles in the volume up to 500 characters MS Word should be sent by 10 July 2016 on address.

Articles in the volume of 12-20 pages MS Word should be sent by 30 August 2016 on address.

The fourteenth number of "Humanistic Scripts" will be published in full in English language version, therefore it is requested to send your articles only in English.

The articles are subjected to a review.

Editorial guidelines for Authors can be found here.

For any questions we remain at your disposal at address.

Invitation for publishing in XIVth issue in PDF with the guidelines for the Authors