About the journal

"Humanistic Scripts" is a scientific journal published since 1999. The scope of interest of journal are considerations in the humanities and social, especially in areas such as philosophy, history, political science, sociology and related sciences.

A wide range of topics of research, the results of which are presented in the magazine, is intended to provoke a confrontation between intellectual disciplines. The idea of "Humanistic Scripts" derives from the philosophy of meeting of Ferdinand Ebner, putting the focus of the relationship between the various approaches, exposing the differences and points of convergence.

The most important tasks that are set by the Editorial Board is discussing in upcoming issues on current and important issues, ensuring the highest quality of substantive articles (reviewed in double-blind form) and professional service of publishing cycle.

Editorial Board is open to ideas about the shape of the journal and any other comments. Feel free to contact us and honorable readers of "Humanistic Scripts" we wish a pleasant and intellectually inspiring reading of further issues.